Thank you for your interest in our vending services.
GP Concessions is an experienced vending
company located in Minneapolis Minnesota.

Our goal is to offer the best food vending services possible.
We use all top equipment with full insurance, all required
permits, state tax and federal Employer numbers

Some Of Our Menu Items Include

Breakfast On A Stick
Corn Dogs
Cyclone Fries
Sloppy Joes
Hot Dogs
Foot Longs
Onion Rings
Deep Fried Sloppy Joe Rolls
Cheese Curds
Egg Rolls
French Fries
Gourmet Minnesota Sausages
Nachos and Cheese with peppers
Meat Pies
   Soft Drinks, Bottled Water, Coffee, Energy Drinks   
We can very our menu to serve any occasion.

Our units run on a 220 volt power supply or
our self contained power for remote operation

For information please send an email to the link below